L.I.O.N Mini Review: Elseworld Crossover Event

A godlike power descends upon the multiverse to test humanity’s worthiness in this multi-episode DC television event. Maybe it’s more of a judgment against the “Arrowverse” as a whole but from apart from Melissa Benoist acting, giving us our first look at Kate Kane and Batwoman and teasing Crisis on Infinite Earths which will come out early in 2019 there was little if anything memorable about it.  I’ve said it before in previous reviews but Supergirl has firmly separated itself from the rest of its fellow Arrowverse brethren and nothing in Elseworlds changed that.

Like it or Not: MILD NOT

L.I.O.N. Mini Review: Supergirl Season 4 Debut

The fourth season starts off strong as Kara finds herself coping with the realization that despite her best efforts the anti-alien sentiment on Earth is not only still alive and well, but thriving.  While shows like Legends and The Flash appear to have lost their balance when it comes to telling solid superhero stories vs making social/cultural statements Supergirl continues to do both in just the right proportions.  I’m so glad that I didn’t give up on this show early on in its first season.  Since then it’s grown into the gold standard for network Superhero TV.

Like it or Not: SOLID LIKE