L.I.O.N. Mini Review- Reboot: The Guardian Code

While failing to properly pay homage to the CG classic it’s based on, the fun of this pre-teen targeted cyber-action adventure proves to be it’s digital and live action mustache-twirling villains played by Bob Frasier (The Sorcerer), Timothy Drummond (Megabyte), and Shirley Milner (Hexidecimal).  Except for the Guardian android Vera (played by Hannah Vandenbygart) the rest of the cast, the plot, and the dialogue is bland and forgettable.

Like it or Not: MILD NOT

L.I.O.N. Mini Review: Supergirl Season 4 Debut

The fourth season starts off strong as Kara finds herself coping with the realization that despite her best efforts the anti-alien sentiment on Earth is not only still alive and well, but thriving.  While shows like Legends and The Flash appear to have lost their balance when it comes to telling solid superhero stories vs making social/cultural statements Supergirl continues to do both in just the right proportions.  I’m so glad that I didn’t give up on this show early on in its first season.  Since then it’s grown into the gold standard for network Superhero TV.

Like it or Not: SOLID LIKE

L.I.ON. Mini Review: The Flash Season 5 Premiere

Jessica Parker Kennedy’s addition to the show as Barry and Iris’s daughter from the future Nora adds a fun spark to an already diverse and entertaining cast but the mystery reveal of the new season’s villain at the end has me worried.  In an ever-crowded TV show market that asks for my week to week viewing time, a sub-par villain is enough to send a show like The Flash into “binge watch” territory for me. I’ll give it another episode or two before I decide for sure.

Like it or Not: MILD LIKE

L.I.O.N. Old School Hall of Fame: Comedy

The very best of the very best in the comedy genre!

Monty Python & The Holy Grail – 1975

Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory – 1971

The Princess Bride – 1987

The Blues Brothers – 1980

Young Frankenstein – 1974

Beetlejuice – 1988

Three Amigos – 1986

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – 1986

Spaceballs – 1987

Episode 48 – Old School Hall of Fame Vol 4

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L.I.O.N. Mini Review: Miss Sherlock

HBO Asia’s take on the iconic detective and sidekick story is not only fun and entertaining but also an earnest homage to the classic characters and the types of cases that have captivated millions of readers for close to a century.  Fans of the genre will love it.

Like it or Not: SOLID LIKE

L.I.O.N. Mini Review: Jack Ryan

This latest iteration of the Tom Clancy character played by John Krasinski is smart, well shot, and has plenty of dramatic moments that inform us of the characters lives leading up to the story. The only thing it’s missing is star power. While Krasinski does a solid job playing the role of a former soldier turned analyst that’s thrust back into the field, his lack of screen presence makes an otherwise intriguing and entertaining show forgettable.

  Like it or Not: MILD LIKE