L.I.O.N. Mini Review: She-Ra and The Princess of Power

While it’s at times heavy-handed in its presentation, this Netflix reboot honors the original while setting itself part for a new generation to enjoy.  The cast is talented and the story (at its core) of two friends ultimately growing apart towards opposing destinies is well told and relatable.

Like it or Not: SOLID LIKE

L.I.O.N. Mini Review: Bodyguard

When British military veteran David Budd foils an attempted terrorist attack on a subway train he’s promoted to a new assignment guarding a politician on the verge of passing a very controversial piece of anti-terrorist legislation.  It doesn’t take long at his new assignment before Officer Budd realizes that he’s caught up in an intricate plot to create chaos in the government.  This BBC smash hit is intense, action-packed and subverts the typical government agent vs terrorist drama that we’ve seen in shows like 24 or the latest iteration of Jack Ryan.

Like it or Not: SOLID LIKE


L.I.O.N. Mini Review: The Outlaw King

While culminating in a final battle that would make even Game of Thrones fans take notice the steps this story takes to get there are formulaic and uninspired.  Chris Pine does his best to elevate the film with his performance but it still feels like we should only be halfway through the story by the time the epilogue and end credits begin.

Like it or Not: MILD NOT 

L.I.O.N. Mini Review- House of Cards: The Final Season

While I thought it admirable that the show attempted to go on without Kevin Spacey the truth of the matter is that HOC in its fourth and fifth seasons fell terribly short of the excellence it showed in it’s first three and the sixth and final season looked and felt almost nothing like the taut, intense, political thriller that captured our imaginations when it first aired.

Like it or not: SOLID NOT

L.I.O.N Old School Hall of Fame: Comic book Adaptation/ Superhero

This one’s pretty thin. So let’s just face it; before 1990 there were only two heroes in tights that really captured our collective imagination.

Superman – 1978

Batman – 1966

Superman II – 1980

Batman – 1989

(Update! Added 11/19/18) Flash Gordon – 1980

L.I.O.N. Mini Review: American Vandal

While the first season of this brilliantly juvenile mockumentary series went largely under the radar of most audiences the first 5 mins of season two went viral, placing it firmly in the viewing public’s consciousness.  Not only does American Vandal do an amazing job of poking fun at and deconstructing shows like Making a Murderer and Serial it also gives you a solid mystery that’s as compelling as it is ridiculous.

Like it or Not: STRONG LIKE

L.I.O.N. Mini Review: Documentary Now!

Fred Armisen, Bill Hader, and Seth Meyers lovingly lambaste the documentary genre in this fun and intelligent series.  After somehow missing Portlandia’s run on IFC only to binge it like mad on Netflix I’m delighted to find that Documentary Now (Season 2 just dropped on Netflix) looks and feels like it’s dry, high brow comedy successor.  Oh, and beholding Helen Mirren conduct the intro at the beginning of each episode is sheer icing on the cake, indeed.

Like it or Not: STRONG LIKE

L.I.O.N. Mini Review: Castlevania Season 2

Alucard, Trevor, and Sypha continue their quest to locate Dracula and put an end to his war on humanity in Season 2, to some definitive results.  Not only does Season 2 expand on all the things that made Season 1 both intense and memorable such as it’s action, gore and art design it also fixes the pacing and editing issues that plagued it throughout.  I am quite curious to see where Season 3 will take us.

Like it or Not: STRONG LIKE