L.I.O.N Mini Review: Elseworld Crossover Event

A godlike power descends upon the multiverse to test humanity’s worthiness in this multi-episode DC television event. Maybe it’s more of a judgment against the “Arrowverse” as a whole but from apart from Melissa Benoist acting, giving us our first look at Kate Kane and Batwoman and teasing Crisis on Infinite Earths which will come out early in 2019 there was little if anything memorable about it.  I’ve said it before in previous reviews but Supergirl has firmly separated itself from the rest of its fellow Arrowverse brethren and nothing in Elseworlds changed that.

Like it or Not: MILD NOT

L.I.O.N. Mini Review: The Ballad of Buster Sruggs

A dazzling anthology series about the simple, yet often danger-filled lives of men and women in the wild west.  The sheer visual beauty of this Coen Brothers project is alone worth the price of admission and on top of that, the stories told are both sobering and emotional.

Like it or Not: STRONG LIKE

L.I.O.N. Mini Review: Absolutely Anything

In an effort to test whether or not humanity deserves to live or die, aliens bestow godlike powers upon unsuspecting British citizen Neil Clarke played by Simon Pegg.  With a cast as talented as it had its lack of a solid story and fleshed out characters was disappointing.  Nice to hear Robin Williams voice again though as Dennis the dog.

Like it or Not: SOLID NOT

L.I.O.N. Mini Review: Ralph Breaks The Internet

RBTI skillfully straddles the line of remaining a kids movie about two best friends that venture into the online world while deftly commenting on the sad yet VERY real problems and people that are frequently found there. I give Walt Disney Animation credit; It gave me a movie that I didn’t ask for or think I needed, but I’m glad it’s here.

Like it or Not: STRONG LIKE

L.I.O.N. Mini Review: She-Ra and The Princess of Power

While it’s at times heavy-handed in its presentation, this Netflix reboot honors the original while setting itself part for a new generation to enjoy.  The cast is talented and the story (at its core) of two friends ultimately growing apart towards opposing destinies is well told and relatable.

Like it or Not: SOLID LIKE

L.I.O.N. Mini Review: Bodyguard

When British military veteran David Budd foils an attempted terrorist attack on a subway train he’s promoted to a new assignment guarding a politician on the verge of passing a very controversial piece of anti-terrorist legislation.  It doesn’t take long at his new assignment before Officer Budd realizes that he’s caught up in an intricate plot to create chaos in the government.  This BBC smash hit is intense, action-packed and subverts the typical government agent vs terrorist drama that we’ve seen in shows like 24 or the latest iteration of Jack Ryan.

Like it or Not: SOLID LIKE


L.I.O.N. Mini Review: The Outlaw King

While culminating in a final battle that would make even Game of Thrones fans take notice the steps this story takes to get there are formulaic and uninspired.  Chris Pine does his best to elevate the film with his performance but it still feels like we should only be halfway through the story by the time the epilogue and end credits begin.

Like it or Not: MILD NOT 

L.I.O.N. Mini Review- House of Cards: The Final Season

While I thought it admirable that the show attempted to go on without Kevin Spacey the truth of the matter is that HOC in its fourth and fifth seasons fell terribly short of the excellence it showed in it’s first three and the sixth and final season looked and felt almost nothing like the taut, intense, political thriller that captured our imaginations when it first aired.

Like it or not: SOLID NOT